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We know the secret of making your child happy

Welcome to Clinic Nua Sakala & Naba Diganta Primary Care Hospital

We truly believe in making a child healthy and happy to ensure parents live without being worry about their kids health and safety. Insuffiecient nutrition and unhealthy food practice can greatly impact your child's healthy causing low immunity and attracted towards other diseases.

To make your child happy and healthy we have a number of clinically proven methods that worked for many kids out there in your locality. So visit us for more on kids health and growth. Here are some list of our cnsultations:

  • Child Nutrition Consultation
  • Child Health Checkup
  • Child Medicine Consultation
  • Child Disease Consultation
  • Child Care Consultation
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Pediatrician Field

Who and What

One of the main areas that Dr.Mahesh work on is Pediatrician field.

So, there you have it; the clinically tested and proven methods that worked for many kids. The best pediatrician in your locality. Child's health is every parents concern because they can be easily affected to disease due to weaker immunity. Hence we stand with them ready with our new and improved treatment methods to tackle every disease to ensure your child's health and growth.